Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Band Announcement 3/12

As an Award Winning Cartoonist® and Professional Humorist, I put a high value on funny. As a music fan, I put an equally high value on great musicianship. And as a festival promoter I also put a high value on showmanship. Today's announcement hits all three. A tri-fest-a, if you will. (See, that's Professional Humor, right there.)

Back for a long overdue encore in 2013, the man with the tricolor guitar, Seamus Kennedy.

A proud Belfast native, Seamus has been entertaining festival audiences since I was in 8th grade, and brother, that was a looong time ago. He's hilarious on stage, but can also bring a tear to your eye with an old Irish ballad. He's a truly great kid's performer and an author. He's a tour guide. He's a brain surgeon, an exotic dancer,  and a successful house painter, though these last three are purely conjecture on my part.

But you get my point. Seamus Kennedy is the Swiss army knife of festival performers, a description which I intend to copyright because I've known Seamus for years and he'll steal it.

We're excited to have him back in Kansas City. 171 days to go!

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