Thursday, January 10, 2013

Band Announcement

If excitement was stout, I'd be St. Jame's Gate. If excitement was rocks, I'd be The Burren. Returning to the Irish Fest for 2013 the great voice, band and guitar of Damien Dempsey.

From Dublin's north side, Damo brings a voice so powerful I think the tent over the stage is still shaking from his first appearance here in 2008. He'll be back for a long overdue encore in 232 days. And who knows, maybe his long lost local "cousins" will show up again, too.

Welcome back, Damo! Can't wait for this show. Remember?


Khrys said...

Just curious, are y'all still taking suggestions for the 2013 entertainment line-up??? Have a couple o' good ones if you are.



Dan Regan said...

Absolutely, Kristen! Bring 'em on!

Khrys said...

Hey Dan!

Great Big Sea is a hugely entertaining group out of Newfoundland. Five guys that do a mix of traditional, original, and a small bit of cover music. Their audience ages range from 7 to 70. Seriously! Audience sing along is always encouraged. Big fun!

The Barra McNeils are also from Newfoundland. All but one member family, with beautiful harmonies that only seem to manifest amongst a group of siblings. Same type of musical mix as GBS just a little mellower.

Looks like I'm trying to get a bit of the maritime to the landlocked, eh?

Thanks again,

Dan Regan said...

Thanks Kristen. Greta bands, both. We've had the Barra MacNeils here in the past and they might just be due for a return. As for GBS, we've tried over the years to get them here for Irish Fest but for one reason or another we haven't been able to get the deal done. So much great music from that corner of the world.