Tuesday, November 06, 2012


If you do nothing else today, go vote. If you forget to eat, wear pants, bathe, whatever, be sure not to forget to vote. Regardless of whether you vote for my guy or the wrong one, regardless of whether you're a lefty, a righty, an innie or an outie, get out there and do your civic duty today.

And then tonight, in the spirit of democracy, here's a drinking game to play.

As you watch the returns come in, whenever the TV guy says the word "project", as in "we can now project that a partially-trained grizzly bear has won the Senate seat in Wyoming", take a drink. And when you hear the word "incumbent" take two drinks. BONUS: if any commentator mentions President Obama's, VP Biden's or VP Wannabe Paul Ryan's Irish roots, take three drinks.

Vote! Polls close at 7:00 in Mo and Kan.

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