Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Home Again

It's a terrible thing getting old, though as the saying goes it beats the alternative. It's taken me this long to only partially recover from the Milwaukee Fest, at least to recover enough to form a coherent sentence of two.

It was a fantastic weekend as it always is and I'm grateful to Barry, Ed, Donna, Jenn, Colleen, Stuart, Mark, Joe and all our friends up in the Brew City for the great hospitality. I could write all day about the music we saw, but neither of us have time for that. If I had to pick one performance that was sticks with me, one that I hope we can bring to KC in the very near future, it would have to be the band in my headphones as I write this: We Banjo 3.

It's a godawful name, first of all. It's a 4 piece band and though the tenor banjo is featured they also play fiddle, guitar, mandolin and bodhran. But sweet fancy Moses, can these boys play. Here's a taste from the weekend.
Thanks also to Barney, Sarah, Laren, Anto, Brandi, Liz, Harold, Ann and Tommy for being such a joy to travel, laugh and imbibe with. On to KCIF! Ten Days!

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