Monday, August 13, 2012


We promised you a contest with an awesome prize, we deliver.

What is the one thing that would make your Irish Fest weekend perfect? Free beer? Nah, you'd only make yourself sick. Backstage passes? It's not that exciting, trust me. Free tickets? You can get those by volunteering. No, the one thing prized above all others at Irish Fest: a port-a-potty with no line. Ever. And it's all yours. Now, since we're dreaming, what say we also make it look like an Irish castle. And let's put your name on the door while we're at it so everybody knows it yours. Done, done and done.

Announcing Irish Fest's 10th Anniversary Lucky Loo Contest, one of the many ways we'll be saying thank you to all you great people for 10 great years. Three fest patrons–maybe you– will win their own private potty for a day. Sponsored by our friends at Johnny on the Spot and Deffenbaugh Industries, the contest will award the key to the locked door of your own private castle...complete with throne. Imagine it: it's 10 O'clock at night. The place is packed. The lines are long. Your bladder's full. Do you stand there with the riffraff doing the gotta-go dance? Nope. You mosey up to your faux wood door, unlock, and unload. Share your win with your friends if you like or keep it all to yourself. There will be one winner for each day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and yes, the locks will change. And you'll get a copy of your sign to take home and hang on your own bathroom door.

How to win? Like this: see that sign on the door below? Come up with your own name. What would you call your private privy? Submit your most creative, family-friendly name. We'll pick the three best and not only will you win the use of the priv-a-potty for a day, your creative caption or crest will emblazon the door. Get creative and send your name to Be sure to tell us which day or days you plan on being at the fest so we don't give you the prize on a day you can't use it. Entries must be received by 11:59 PM, Sunday, August 26th and winners will be announced a day or two after. Enter as often as you like, but you can only win once. Irish Fest employees, staff and their immediate families are not eligible to enter or win and should really be working on fest prep anyway and not wasting time entering silly contests. The decision of the judges is final.

Get to it! Win that WC!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!

April said...

Working the brain on good entries for this.....