Friday, June 01, 2012


With just over 90 days to go before Irish Fest, Uncle Bloggy needs to rest up. So I'm headed to the family cabin in the Colorado high country (pictured is the view from the front porch) to renew, refresh, reload and revitalize. If I can talk somebody into doing it, there may be a guest post or two here next week. If not, then I'll be back on duty in 7 days. LOTS of exciting news coming up about how we're going to be celebrating our 10th birthday.

I'll miss you all. And no, I don't know why the volunteer sign up page isn't up yet. I'm sure it will be humming along in now time.


Anonymous said...

Happy vacation, but I really was looking forward to another band announcement today. Today was a horrible day at work and I was hoping you would brighten it up with the name of my favorite band.
J in Iowa

Dan Regan said...

And that band would be...?

Anonymous said...

That Band's name is Cara - the wonderful band with members from Germany, Ireland and Wales.

Enjoy your rest

J in Iowa