Thursday, June 07, 2012

Be A Part Of The Best Festival In Kansas City

Hi, Everyone! Brandi Canning, one of the KCIF Volunteer Co-Chairs, (and first time blogger) here. Today’s post, of course, is going to be about volunteering, because we love our volunteers, and we want everyone to sign up for another GREAT year at Irish Fest!

I know that some of you have noticed that the volunteer sign up page is now live and active (as we already have some volunteers signed up – WOO HOO!!), but if you're new or haven’t had a chance to check the page out yet, go see what’s on offer and snap up your favorite shift before someone else does! This year we have made some changes to the sign up process that will hopefully make everything quicker and easier for everyone, and I also think the new system is pretty darn snazzy. (Or at least it beats doing everything in Excel.) There are several new features, including one that will let you know right away if your desired volunteer shift and position is open and available, all without having to email back and forth with the volunteer Co-Chairs a million times.

So when you have a second, go visit the volunteer sign up page, and more importantly, sign up for a volunteer shift or two at Irish Fest! We look forward to seeing you Labor Day weekend!

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