Monday, April 09, 2012

They'll Probably Still Put Us in Steerage

Have you reserved your spot at the swankiest soiree in Cowtown Irishdom this year, A Titanic Evening: This Time The Irish Go First Class, taking place at Union Station this Thursday? I have. Yes, you can see Uncle Bloggy look absolutely ridiculous in a tux, as well as other guys who also should really never wear tuxedos, like Irish Festers Ed Scanlon, Pat O'Neill, Ed Follis, Craig Duke and Davey Colgan. The Irish Fest women who will be there on the other hand will be gorgeous and will and should be embarrassed to be seen with spalpeens like us. And after a private viewing of the big Titanic artifact exhibit, the evening's entertainment will be provided by 2012 Irish Fest headliners Patrick Murphy and Steve Twigger of Gaelic Storm singing and telling stories–some of them true–about their starring roles in the recently re-released Titanic movie.

Want to go? Call Nancy or Renata at the Kansas City Irish Center, 816-474-3848, and see if there are seats left. The event is a fundraiser for the Center and all the great stuff they do there.

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