Thursday, March 01, 2012


Yes, I know it's Thursday, but everybody knows that Thursday is the new Friday. So the weekend is here! And so is March, which of course is the new April so that means spring (the new summer) is here, too! See how much better your day's gotten already? Add to that all the great Irish music going on in Kansas City (the new Boston) this weekend, and you've really got something cooking:
  • WinterFest continues with Gerald Trimble and the Old World Celtic Sessions Group at The Irish Center on Friday night
  • Eddie Delahunt at the Westsider Friday night
  • Anthony Kearns at Harrah's Saturday night
  • DanĂº at JCCC Saturday night
And of course with the coming of March we inch closer to St. Patrick's Day (the new Halloween)–on a Saturday this year. To that end, the Kansas City Irish Fest, defending grand prize winners of the KC St. Patrick's Day parade, will spend a second weekend working on another sure-to-be-award-winning float at a secure, undisclosed location. Beer, power tools, corned beef and frivolity will abound.


So happy weekend, happy March, happy spring. Get out and enjoy it.

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