Thursday, January 12, 2012

There It Is

It was late getting here, but you knew it was coming. The sun is rising now over snow in Cowtown. Not a lot, but it's a sign of things to come. Winter took its sweet time, but it's here.

We're entering what they call the dead of winter. The holidays are over, St. Patrick's Day is but a twinkle in our Irish eye. Irish Fest is a green blip in the far corner of the radar screen. The next several weeks stretch out before us like a long, straight, gray highway without even a Taco Bell or a Love's Country Store to break the monotony.

And now that I've got you reaching for the sleeping pills, let me give you the good news: WinterFest is coming! The Irish Center of Kansas City presents WinterFest, beginning February 11 and continuing Fridays after that until the week before St. Patrick's Day.

On the 11th, come down to Irish Center in Union Station for a great night of Irish music, dance, drink and craic. Have a pint or two in the new pub. Get out of the cold and in with your friends. The very best in local Irish music will provide the entertainment. Then on succeeding Fridays through March 9th, start your weekend at Irish Center with more music and fun with Irish season count-down ceilis. More great traditional music, more dancing, more pints, more out-of-the-cold, more craic.

All the details are to follow soon here, or contact the Irish Center. For now, mark that calendar and have hope. Winter may be here, but we don't have to take it laying down.

For further information about Irish WinterFest and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Nancy Wormington at 816.474.3848 or

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Oooooo! This is exciting!