Friday, September 02, 2011

Start Your Engines

We're up early here at Irish Fest HQ as we put the finishing touches on our prep work for opening this evening...just a little over 10 hours from now. I hope you're planning on joining us tonight after work. If you're waffling*, thinking maybe you'll just wait until tomorrow or even Sunday let me tell you why you should join us tonight too.

1. Gaelic Storm's first Irish Fest show in KC for 3 three years. I've been in this business a long time and I say with no hesitation at all that there isn't a more entertaining festival act on the planet than Patrick, Steve, Jessie, Ryan and Peter. And I can tell you that having just seen them in Milwaukee, they're better than ever. And have a couple surprises planned for tonight. And I happen to know that the lovely Mrs. Patrick Murphy will be making the trip to Cowtown, so Patrick will want to do any especially good show so she doesn't make him sleep on the couch.

2. $5 Friday! Just a fiver gets you through the gate tonight, all night. Half a sawbuck for all that music, all that fun? No brainer. You've got $5 in change in the couch cushions.

3. The beer will be fresher tonight than it will be on Sunday. Simple math.

4. The staff will smell better tonight than we will on Sunday. Simple bath.

5. There's something special about opening night. I can't explain it. But the energy, the excitement, the anticipation. Plus you know that great, hysterical story you'll be telling everybody at the office Tuesday about that thing that happened at Irish Fest over the weekend? That thing might happen tonight. Do you want to take the chance of missing it?

So I think that pretty much settles it. I'll see you tonight at Irish Fest.

*Mmmm...waffles. Sorry, haven't had breakfast yet.

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