Friday, February 27, 2009

V of the Y

We established a new award at Irish Fest in 2008 and we have a winner of said award to announce.

The 2008 Kansas City Irish Fest P.J. Cullinan Volunteer of the Year award winner is Dan O'Boyle. Danny volunteered last year to work a single four shift in finance and never left. When he did take a break from the Irish Fest office he helped out behind the bar. He also had his entire family working, and there are a bunch of O'Boyles. He so impressed Carrie, Ronan and the rest of the finance team that he's joined the staff this year as chair of the finance committee. Danny is no stranger to Irish events and organizations in Kansas City and well deserves the recognition.

The Volunteer of the Year award was established in honor of the late P.J. Cullinan, a long time Irish Fest volunteer and friend. Festival committee chairs nominated and voted on the award. Want to join Dan in this elite group? You can. Step one: sign up to volunteer.

Congratulations, Dan-O!


Anonymous said...

congrats to danny. i have already volunteered, it was a blast, but also hard work, as with customer service. colorado

snug sisters said...

Way to go, Dan! You got our vote - despite the fact that you made fun of us so mercilessly!