Friday, February 27, 2009

That Announcement

I haven't been this excited since the opening of the Ed Scanlon presidential library.

Returning to the 2009 Kansas City Irish Fest after a too long hiatus, The Comedy Stage. And even better than that, Comedy Stage guru Ronan Collins has landed a big fish to make use of that stage. A big, very funny Irish fish.

Performing two shows on Saturday night, September 5th is the great Ardal O'Hanlon. You might know him from the much-missed television series "Father Ted" where he played the dim bulb priest Father Dougal, or from his numerous other television and film credits. You might know him from his stand up. You might not know him at all, which makes me feel very sorry for you. He's massively funny. You won't want to miss either of his shows.

Here, a preview:


Rolf Wagels said...

Can't wait to see him live!

Patricia said...

Good job Ronan! I can't wait!!