Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dust Settling

This is always a strange day. Stranger than the day after we close, because that's a holiday and we still spend some time on the Irish Fest site tearing down and cleaning up. But the Tuesday after, when it's back to work and real life, when all those jobs that so were so urgent just days ago are no longer on our lists, when anticipation, turned to action begins fading into memory, well...Tuesday is an odd day.

As usual, in spite of all hope and good intention, the time to actually enjoy the fruits of our labor are few for the staff, so I didn't get to spend a lot of time listening to music. I managed to hear John Spillane, a personal favorite, for a while. Bands that I introduced, Different Drums and The Saw Doctors, I stuck around for. Both were astounding. I saw the finale of the Fuchsia Band show on Sunday when members of Cumasc, Beoga and Gaelic Storm joined the boys on stage for a great rendition of the Saw Doctor's Joyce Country Ceili Band and Mairtin's brush dance. I heard a lovely version of the Pogues' "A Pair Of Brown Eyes" from Cumasc.

Mostly, though, myself and the rest of us in our various uniform shirts of grey, gold and green, worked. So I want to ask you: what did we miss? What were your weekend highlights? What performances sparked you to head for the CD tent to melt down the auld VISA card? While we were moving fence, judging contests, manning gates, hauling ice, carrying strollers and emptying recycling bins, what did we miss?

Operators are standing by. Click the comments link below and have at it.


Anonymous said...

I am really sorry you didn't have any Saw Doctors CD's. I wanted to purchase all of them. They were fantastic! Thanks for bringing them to Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Hope to see the Saw Docs again next year!

Dan Regan said...

The CDs and other merchandise are provided to us by the bands, and sadly there was a problem with the Saw Doctors getting anything to us. Believe me, they were as upset about it as anybody! You can get their stuff through their website, www.sawdoctors.com.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed John Spillane & The Fuschia Band. I secretly hoped that Luka Bloom would make a surprise appearance to make up for last year but, alas, that didn't happen. I liked the expanded area as well. All in all a great time was had by myself and the other nine people I talked into going. They're converts as well.

Thanks to everyone involved with the fest, I know it's a huge amount of work and everything you do is very much appreciated.

Pete Maher said...

Next year's Dream Team - Mairtin de Cogain. Jimmy Crowley AND John Spillane on the stage at the same time. Toss in Pat Murphy from Gaelic Storm for good measure and you've got what we have come to lovingly refer to as "The Four Corkmen of the Apocalypse."

martha said...

without a doubt, jimmy crowley's workshop and then his performance were my favorite musical moments. what a lovely man! he's forgotten more about irish music than most of us will ever know.

Patricia said...

We made another trip down on Sunday evening to see The Saw Doctors because of your recommendation on "things not to miss". You're right - they were awesome!! Thanks so much. The entire fest was grand.


MJ Winlsow said...

I had a great time at your festival....the bands were great..and the people were wonderful.., I rode down from Iowa on my harley solo, had a great time volunteering selling raffle tickets...see you next year.!

Anonymous said...

The Irish Fest was great and I can wait until next year! However, have all of you heard about the Half Way to St Paddy's Day Party that the Kansas City Royals are putting on September 17? I can't wait unitl then, you all should come and join me!

Melissa Tatum said...

My husband and I attended KCIF for the third year in a row. A special highlight was Mick Heffernan's Learn an Irish Tune workshop and being up on stage with The Fuchsia Band. But we were very disappointed in the sound engineering. I've sent a more detailed email, but we are not likely to attend KCIF again unless we know something is being done about the sound problems.

Anonymous said...


First, let me thank you and your husband for attending this years festival. I am glad you found The Fuchsia Band’s set and their tune with Mick’s students.

Yes, there were problems with the sound on the Boulevard Stage. This is something that was continually addressed with the engineers through out the weekend and will be addressed on thru next years festival. I promise you that KCIF 2008 will not have this issue.

Thanks for the comment. Please keep ‘em coming.

David Shaughnessy, KCIF Entertainment Director

Ellen K. said...

The Prodigals were my favorite new-to-me band. Good stuff, bought a CD.

I enjoyed working the CD tent at the Terrace Stage Saturday night. I'll confess, had I not volunteered there, I may have decided to avoid the crowds and go see the bands on the other stage (who I did get to see at the fest, if not that evening).

Enjoyed seeing Dave Marsh demonstrating different instruments at the Heritage Stage.

Saw lots of great bands... Glengarry Boys, Different Drums of Ireland, The Prodigals, The Young Dubliners, Gaelic Storm, The Elders, Flanigan's Right Hook, Beoga, Fuchsia Band, and the Saw Doctors. Didn't leave any show early. :)

Melissa Tatum said...

Dear Mr. Shaughnessy:

Thank you for your reply and for letting me know the sound problems are being addressed. KCIF brings fantastic talent through, and we've always been willing to trek up from Tulsa for the weekend. We didn't want to cross it off our list of events!

P.S. any chance of Lunasa?