Friday, August 10, 2007

Food & Shopping

We have the best Irish music on the planet at the Kansas City Irish Fest. But man does not live on music alone. Or woman either, for that matter. You gotta eat. You'll need to take home gifts for the friends and family you left at home. You deserve a nice little something for yourself as well. You know you do, as hard as you work.

I'll make you this promise: you will not go hungry at Irish Fest. Whether your tastes run toward toward traditional Irish fare or the all-American corn dog, you'll find great eats everywhere you turn. And if you're a shopper, we have a huge Irish marketplace full of everything from Aran jumpers to Claddagh rings to Celtic T-shirts. And of course, you can buy a bigger than ever variety of official Kansas City Irish Fest branded stuff, including beautiful 12" Irish Fest bodhrans. You can buy one of those and bang on it at Mairtin de Cogain's workshop.

The entire list of our food and merchandise vendors has been posted on our website.

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Shanshu said...

I've been going to the Irish Fest for years and I have NEVER gone away hungry...or thirsty.

Looking forward to another great year and I will be volunteering yet again (3rd year in a row, now).