Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weather Worries

I mentioned obsessing over the weather for Irish Fest weekend the other day. I wasn't kidding. Dating back to the old festival days in Brookside and Westport, we've put on Irish Fests in 108ยบ heat, cold drizzle and everything in between...and of course the disastrous 2003 wash out. We can control much of what goes on at Irish Fest, but we are at the mercy of the weather. So, yeah. Full scale obsessing will commence shortly. I will wear out weather.com in the next month.

But I'm off to a good start. My friend Kirstin in Switzerland, ever watching out for my mental health, sent me a link to the Old Farmer's Almanac which shows our opening day, August 31st as cool and sunny. Yeah, I know they base their predictions on things like caterpillar furriness and tree rings, but I'll take whatever I can get.


Anonymous said...

Stop your worrying Danny, my friend. Everything will be wonderful. We've already had flood, heat and last year on Sat night I overheard people saying they were going to the hotel to get a jacket. The grounds of Crown Center will be just fine if we get a soft bit of rain. If the sun starts to burn our Irish skin, slap on some more of the #50 sunblock. An ice cold Boulevard, Pepsi or a Bottled water will feel good on any day. If the wind blows... what am I talking about the wind blows around those buildings all the time.
We'll be fine
Ed Scanlon

Anonymous said...

Great! Pres Ed says it'll be fine...

We'll have a heat wave, a deluge flood, a tornado, and a plague of locusts!

Thanks alot Ed!