Thursday, July 12, 2007

Story Time

Children, send the parental units out for pizza and gather 'round Old Uncle Bloggy's Story Buggy. Today we have a completely original story that violates no copyright law, domestic or international. Yay!

Barry Plotter and Enchanted Irish Fest Children's Activities

Young wizard Barry Plotter's scar, the one on his forehead shaped like a shamrock, was itching. Well, okay, it really didn't look that much like a shamrock. More like a tape worm. Or a cursive letter M laid on its side. Anyway, whenever Barry's scar itched, that meant that his old nemesis Lord Moldywart was nearby. This time it may have also meant that his rash had returned, which it had. But just in case, Barry summoned his best friends Don and Hermonia.

"Blimey!" said Barry, Britishly. "My tape worm shaped scar is itching! We need to take action before it's too late! Wands at the ready!" Barry, Don and Hermonia took up their magic wands and aimed them squarely at Barry's computer. "FESTIVUS CHILDRENITORUS!" they shouted in capital letters. When nothing happened, Barry took his wand and carefully poked at the keys to launch Suddenly, as if by magic, a whole enchanted world of stuff for kids to do before and during the upcoming Kansas City Irish Fest popped up on the screen. There were story contests, name the cow contests, drama workshops, puzzles...more fun things to do than the three friends had ever seen before! "Cor, there's a lorry-load of fun here!" said Don, Englishly.

Just then, Barry felt a disturbance in The Force. Realizing he was mixing his pop culture metaphors, he turned slowly to see the dark figure of Lord Moldywart materialize in the room. Barry clutched his wand tightly. Lord Moldywart waved his light saber threateningly. Don and Hermonia trembled tremblingly. Would Barry and his friends be able to enjoy the Irish Fest children's activities, with the 5th Annual Kansas City Irish Fest only 50 days away? Would Barry's rash clear up? Would Uncle Bloggy be sued for copyright infringement?

Buy the next book in the series for $29.99 to find out! In the meantime, get busy kids!

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Would anyone finish the story before nap time?