Thursday, July 19, 2007

Raffle Contest Clarification

An alert reader brought up an interesting question here in Tir na Blog the other day, regarding the recently announced volunteers-only raffle drawing for a three day trip for two to Boston, Mass. That question: if an eager volunteer works more than one shift, does that entitle him or her to more than one chance in the raffle? Interesting question, I said. I'll get back to you with an answer, I said.

I'm back.


If you work two shifts, your name will be entered twice. Three shifts, add another entry. Four shifts, you should really get a life outside Irish Fest, but you'll be entered four times. Now keep in mind, only completed shifts will get you entered. If you go sign up for a bunch of shifts to win the trip, intending to blow off actually showing up and working, you get nothing but the eternal scorn of Irish Fest and your name added to our shoot-on-sight list. You wouldn't do that, I know, but there are some unethical, dishonest, horrible people out there.

It's the American way: work more, get more. So sign up for a shift or three right now, and get your bags packed for your trip to Beantown...home of the Red Sox who just lost two out three to the Royals, by the way.


Anonymous said...

Does that go for saff, too? We're vols too.

Dan Regan said...

Staff eligibility will be discussed at our meeting next week.