Monday, July 16, 2007


I'm listening this morning to one of my favorite bands. They're called The Saw Doctors. Maybe you've heard of them. They'll be playing scant yards from where I'm sitting now, in a little over a month. The song I currently have wafting through my headphones is called All The Way From Tuam, a love song to the Galway town from which the Docs sprung.

Tuam is a long way from the Kansas City Irish Fest, but there's a line in this song that I want to adopt as the motto for the 2007 Fest. In the last verse...actually the very last line of the song, Davy Carton sings "No matter where you're from, everyone's local."

To me that sums up the kind of atmosphere we try to create here Irish Fest weekend. You're all local, and we're your big friendly Irish pub. With really great house bands. Including, on Sunday September 2nd, The incredible Saw Doctors. I hope they play All The Way From Tuam. Maybe if I ask nice.

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Anonymous said...

The Saw Doctors haven't played that wonderful song in years, in spite of impassioned pleas by legions of fans. So you tell them we want to hear it!
You will hear lots of the old songs, plus new ones, such as "Ivana in the Brogue", about a bartender from Gdansk.