Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Message For The Kids

You kids today?


When I was a kid, if we had a story due for Irish Fest, we'd have 20 of them, several pages long, each completely original, submitted a month before the deadline. Me, I'd even illustrate them and bind them in hard covers. But you know, that's how we rolled in my day. We were made of tougher stuff than you 21st century whippersnappers with your Game Boys and your jet packs and your vaccinations.

I bet you haven't even started yet. I bet you haven't even read the opening sentence we're asking you to use as a starting point: "My name is _______________. I am a Leprechaun. I am a special Leprechaun because I can share my pot of gold." Furthermore, I bet you'll never get your story done by the deadline, which is August 2nd, by the way.

And I bet it never occurred to you that "Danny" would make an awesome leprechaun name.

Get to work. Clock's ticking. Lazy punks.


Anonymous said...

Careful who you are pointing your lazy finger at because they will pick what bridge you will be living under.

Patricia said...

I'm so confused (and hungry). I got the impression from the Irish Fest web-site that the contest was over and winners chosen. See "Irish Heritage" Stage schedule, Sunday, 4:45 - "...join us in congratulating our winners...(named)". Is the answer, "That is last year's winners, oh great brain trust."?