Friday, May 31, 2019

Summer Is Coming

Tomorrow is the first of June, an auspicious day for a lot of reasons. It's Canadian Independence Day of course. Dwight Eisenhower's 103rd wedding anniversary. And as you all know, tomorrow we celebrate the 262nd birthday of Austrian composer Ignaz J. Pleyel. Happy birthday, Iggy!

But even more important than those events is this: tomorrow at 8:00am you can volunteer to work at the 17th annual Kansas City Irish Fest. Why sign up? Let me count the ways.

One, you get this cool free t-shirt featuring the ramblin' 2019 Irish Fest cow. Two, you get in to the festival free the day or days you work. With shifts running just 4 hours, on Saturday and Sunday that leaves you 8 hours to play. On Friday, 2 free hours. Work on set up and you're done before we even open! Three, you'll get another free pass to come back an additional day. Four, you become part of the best group of people that you'll ever meet. When you join the Irish Fest family, you're helping put on the best party our city sees all year. And we promise, you'll have a great time doing it. 

So set your alarm. 8:00am, Tomorrow, June 1st. Get your best job and your perfect time to work. 

Summer is coming. 

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