Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Yawn...Good Morning! Wait, What Year Is It?!!??

So, what did I miss?

Hello again, blog-ka-teers! Yes, I've been away. For 4 years. Sorry.

So here's what happened: I kinda got busy with other fest stuff and life stuff, let the blog go fallow. About the time I put Tir na Blog on mothballs, I returned to the Irish Fest board of directors for another 5 year term, which is a great gig but is also a huge time suck. My second term ended on January 1st and through some masterful bamboozlement on my part I invented and took on the totally made up job of Irish Fest Creative Director. And as part of my new pretend job, I promised the current board that I'd put the defibrillator to the aul blog. So we're back! Yay! Yay?

If you're new to Tir na Blog–and I'd imagine most of my regular readers have died of old age by now– I'll be here reporting, commenting, cartooning, and giving you the inside view of the Kansas City Irish Fest, and Irish life in Kansas City in general. Wander through the archives to see what I mean and then check back often. Better yet, subscribe. I think you can do that. And comment if you like. It's always lovely to hear from you.

Happy March! Happy St. Patrick's Day season! Happy Mardi Gras! Irish Fest opens in 178 days!

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