Monday, May 04, 2015

Celebrate Because Why Not?

You may or may not know that outside of Irish Fest I am an employee of a major greeting card concern, which shall remain nameless except to say that it rhymes with Ballpark. That company is in fact Irish Fest's landlord, the owners of the beautiful Crown Center complex we call home. "Ballpark", the company I work for is often accused of inventing holidays so we can subsequently sell cards and other supplies to celebrate said holiday. That is urban legend. "Ballpark" has never, ever invented a holiday.

But I'm going to.

I'm declaring today, May 4th, to be Tell Your Friends How You Feel About Them Day. Well, that's a little clunky, isn't it. Maybe Friendship Day? No, that's sounds vaguely Maoist. Or North Korean, like it would be celebrated with mandatory smiles and parades with flower-bedecked tanks.

How about this: Be Friends, Wow Day. We'll call it BFW Day for short.

This is an easy holiday. No need to buy gifts. No need to put a decorated tree in the house. No need to hide eggs, carve faces in squash, roast large birds or wear green. No need to even buy a card (sorry, boss). Just maybe take a second today to reach out to a friend or two and tell them thanks for being your BFF, your drinking buddy, your confidant, your partner in crime, your amigo, your wing man/woman, your whatever. Tell them thank you for the laughs in good times, the support in not-so-good times, the memories, the hangovers, the road trips, the whatever. Tell them you love them.  

Why today? Because you can. And how great is that? You may not always be able to.


Martha said...

What a good idea, and a lovely tribute, Dan. Especially now to me, as, since this time last year, my younger brother had a stroke and I had a heart attack. (we are both doing OK) You just never know. Y'know?
Thanks for all you do, Dan.

MD said...

I have your best friend on my mind today. Glad you are my friend, Danny.
Maureen Guth

Melanie Bowman said...

What a great idea! Thank you Bob and Patty Regan for being such great friends with my family and having such wonderful kids and grandkids! 💚

Katie Hunt said...

Best Post Ever - Thank YOU

lakshmi rose said...

I may be two days late on this but I have been wondering for awhile what happened to this cool guy from grade school.

He was so kind, smart, funny and very creative. Once in 7th grade he made this really cool book with all these drawings, and when you flipped the pages it was like you were watching a movie. It was of a guy slipping on a banana peel. Mostly I was amazed at his deep humility while having such skill. He was such a unique guy.

Then today through Facebook I found him. I feel lucky to know such a unique person!