Monday, January 05, 2015


It's been 80 days by my calculations since my last post here. That's the gestation period of an otter. And I must say, the hue and cry from Tir na Blog's fans for its return has been deafening. Why, no fewer than one person (also, no more than one person: specifically, my mother) has asked me why come the hiatus.

Well, since Mom asked, a few reasons. One, fatigue. It's hard coming up with stuff half-way interesting to say about a 2-and-a-half-day annual event, let alone all-the-way-interesting, all year long. Two, Facebook. I don't indulge in the Facebook juggernaut myself but I know that I'm in the vast, vast (though proud) minority. And Facebook eats blogs, supplementing its regular diet of man-hours and brain cells. Just the way it is. Three, most of Irish Fest's patrons, even the most dedicated ones, aren't really thinking about us in the off season anyway, so readership plummets among that demographic that did not give birth to me. Makes it hard to get up a head of steam to post.

But it's a new year and we do have things to talk about, don't we? So I'll try to get the get the old blog muscles stretched out once in awhile. See how that goes. Sure, it'll make my mammy happy anyway.

If you support or decry this effort, please let me know. Getting comments that don't involve the marketing of erectile dysfunction medications are always welcome and appreciated.

Happy new year, kids.


Monica Holtsclaw said...

I support your efforts, but I say don't stress yourself out! Three months until St. Patrick's Day!

Martha said...

Nice to see you back, Dan!

Anonymous said...

I've missed it, but completely understand the need for a break. Thanks for keeping it going.

IFAD said...

I both support and decry this effort.

Snug sister Carol said...

I love the blog!!! Because I can copy and paste to my Facebook Snug page, haha! Okay okay that's pretty harsh I know..but keep it up Danny boy - in truth, NO one can turn a phrase (or tip a brew..) like you.