Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wandering Mind, Mapped

News that one of the doomed ships of the Franklin expedition has been found in Canadian waters brought to my mind a lovely song about that ill-fated voyage, called Lord Franklin. Thinking of that song made me recall what is for me at least, the definitive version of it, sung by one of the most haunting and beautiful voices to come out of Ireland, ever, that of the too-soon-departed Micheál O'Domhnaill. And thinking of Micheál made me think, with a little sadness, that some of you might not know of this amazingly talented musician, who was taken from us in 2006. And that thought made me want to correct that. And the desire to share this talent with anyone who might have been denied the pleasure up to now made me want to bring you this film about the life and music of Micheál O'Domhnaill. And that is why I'm not getting much work done.

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