Friday, August 01, 2014

Ta Da!

For more than a decade, we've proudly poured Boulevard Dry Stout at Irish Fest, but since it is no longer available, we now have the opportunity to add Guinness to the menu, along with Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer, Pale Ale and Miller Lite. Welcome to the family, Arthur.
In addition to all those fine beers, the fest will proudly serve Magners Original Irish Cider, red and white wine, Baileys Irish Cream and Jameson products. We also offer exclusive whiskey tastings led by a Jameson Ambassador and Boulevard Beer tastings led by Boulevard brewers throughout the three-day event. Ticket prices and instructions on how to reserve a seat to the tastings can be found here.

All this talk about these fine beverages is making us thirsty! We're going to happy hour. You should, too, and post your photo drinking a Guinness, Boulevard, Miller, Jameson, Magners or Baileys to Facebook (tag us!), Twitter (#KCIrishFest) or Instagram (#KCIrishFest). In celebration of this announcement, we'll pick 5 happy hour photos every Friday until the Fest to receive two KCIF tickets! Woohoo!

See you in 28 days!
Kansas City Irish Fest 

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Anonymous said...

Interesting announcement... last year when I asked about the lack of Guinness I was told that Guinness has done a brilliant marketing job making Americans believe that it is a true Irish beer and that it isn't really that important to Irish culture.