Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Phone Free Info

True story: when we started Irish Fest in 2003, I was forced, kicking and screaming, to get my first cell phone to communicate with my fellow board members during the event. I hated it. So I sympathize with those of you who have been less than thrilled about our decision to go paperless this year and abandon the printed program for a (really cool) smart phone app.

For those of you who don't have a phone or don't have a phone that will run the app or who just would rather have a piece of paper in your hand, we have you covered. Over on our website you'll find both a printable schedule and a printable map of the grounds making it easy for you to not wander around in circles shouting "WHERE THE HELL IS EVERYTHING AND WHAT TIME DOES MY FAVORITE BAND PLAY???" which between you and me, makes you look a little like a crazy person.

Now tech nerds and Luddites are united at last in peace and harmony. And sure isn't that what Irish Fest is all about?

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Anonymous said...

If only I had known that BEFORE I went last night! I understand where you're going with that but how about a couple of strategically poster-size schedules next time?