Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Father's Day

Irish Fest is chock full of dads. Among our advisory board, board of directors and committee chairs we have dozens of them, not to mention all the dads among our volunteers. You may have a dad your own self, who knows?

If you do, you're probably aware that Sunday is Father's Day and you need to figure out a gift to get the oul fella. You may be stumped. Lucky for you, I'm a veteran dad myself and I know what dads want, so I can help.
  • Beer
  • A comfy place to sit while drinking beer
  • Some good music to listen to while drinking beer
  • Some good food, to be washed down by some beer
  • A conveniently located bathroom in which to recycle the beer
So there's a list. Now where to shop? A liquor store? The iTunes store? A grocery? A...toilet?

No! Get dear old Dad all those things by buying him a KC Irish Fest Snug membership! He'll enjoy world class entertainment from the best seat in the house, with a private bar, private restrooms, food, and actual upholstered furniture to park his posterior on. And you? You'll be his favorite kid.

Shop for Dad now and get him a spot of his own in The Snug for Father's Day.

Me? My kids will probably get me a tie or another damn set of BBQ tongs. Ungrateful little shites...

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Anonymous said...

Just be thankful they are not getting you BBQ thongs!