Thursday, June 26, 2014

Band Announcement!

Ah, the sounds of the Emerald Isle. The lilt of the pipes, the sweet singing of bow upon fiddle, the gentle rhythm of the bodhran, and of course... 


SO excited. Appearing at the 2014 Kansas City Irish Fest is The Hot Sprockets, who cordially invite you to dpwn to Crown Center in 64 days to "rock it like a sprocket."

Frank Kelly, Andrew Sutton, Tim Cullen, Wayne Soper and Joey Lynch come to us from Dublin and the Irish Miror says that the Sprockets are "set to turn up the heat on their delta blues pressure cooker and blast the walls with their fiery, no-nonsense rock."

In case you forgot what that sounds like, allow me to remind you. Do not miss this party.

It's just a shame they take themselves so seriously...

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Cami Travis-Groves said...

Wow! How fun!!!