Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Congrats, Danny O'Neill

Tomorrow night Kansas City's cream-of-the-Irish-crop, the very zenith of Irish society and also me will gather at the annual Irish Center gala. At that swanky event, Irish Center will award the yearly John J. Sullivan, Jr. Foundation 2014 Humanitarian Award and this year's honoree is our buddy Danny O'Neill, the Roasterie coffee company's Bean Baron.

Danny is a long time friend of Irish Fest and indeed all things Green in Kansas City and all of us here congratulate him on a well-deserved honor.

One problem though. I spoke to Danny on Saturday and he and I both need some your help with something. The dress code for the gala is indicated as "urban Irish chic" on the invitation. Neither of us, or indeed any guy I've talked to that's going has the faintest idea what that means. I kind of think it means sparkly green bowler hats and matching vests but I could be wrong. Any input would be welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Only hats and vests with lots of sparkles?? I'd pay to see that. Congrats, Danny