Friday, February 14, 2014

Lovey Dovey

It's Valentine's Day and my love for you folks knows no bounds. That's why I care enough to repost something I wrote here six years ago. Okay, yeah so maybe my love for you knows a little bound.

Anyway, please enjoy these poems I wrote myself that you can send to your sweetie. Pick one, cut, paste, add your sweetie's name and print, and watch the magic happen. You are so gonna get lucky.

Oh, _________ my dear, how can I say
Upon this lovey-dovey day
the words I hope won't seem too rude:
I'd like to see you in the nude.

If I could make a Valentine
For you, _________, true love of mine,
It would be the finest seen
In pink, carmine and tangerine.
Its surface bright, its words sublime
T'would speak of love that transcends time.

If I could make a card for you
As those folks at Hallmark do
I'd wrap it all with lacy border,
So please rescind the restraining order.

My darling large and studly man
You're such a virile hunk
Your loving touch intoxicates
And that's why I seem drunk.

But Honey, if you're wondering
Which gift for me is best
It isn't roses, gems or sweets
Take me to Irish Fest!

Baby, how you make me feel!
My savage heart you tame.
And I will show you all my love
After the KU game.

And baby, when we're all alone
In our cozy warm love nest
I'll whisper what you long to hear
"Six months 'til Irish Fest."

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