Thursday, December 05, 2013

Elders On the TVs Tonight

Tonight at 7:00, if you should tune in to our local public television station, KCPT, you'll see some familiar faces. Our hometown heroes, the kings of Irish Fest, The Elders will be on hand helping out with the station's pledge drive.

As part of that drive they'll be airing the band's 2012 Hooley concert and the band will be there to chat live about this year's hooley and who knows what all. Call in with a pledge and maybe you can ask them something.

Stuck for a question? Allow me.

"R'member that time you played at Irish Fest? That was awesome."
"Who's dreamier: Norm or Joe?"
"When Kian joined the band and brought the median age down of the band members significantly did you consider renaming yourselves 'The Middle-agers'?"
"Isn't all that water bad for Ian's drum? Maybe you should use mineral oil"
"Brent, can you play violin too, or just fiddle?"
"Steve, are you the highest jumper?"
"Is it true that Elders' CDS make a dandy Christmas gift and that I can get 20% off all CDs and DVDs, and get FREE shipping and handling from now until Dec 25th, but that to receive them by Christmas I should order by December 18th at

Actually I can handle that last one: true. Shop now, tune in tonight.

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