Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hey Kids! Who's That Cow?

Our good friends at the Kansas City Irish Fest Kids Club have an exciting announcement for you wee ones. Grown ups, go do something grown-uppy like pay your taxes or change your oil. This is for kids only:

I am happy to present this year's cow. He is so cute. He looks like a little rapscallion. Start thinking of a name please!!!!! And for extra fun leading up to Irish Fest, I have a contest to announce.

I would like to challenge everyone to have some fun with the cow. I would like for you to print off a picture of him (and make sure the picture is big enough to be visible in the eyes of a camera) and take him on a fun journey. If you have any last minute vacation plans, take him with you. If you want to take him with you on your first day of school or to show and tell, do that. If you want to go around K.C. and have an adventure, then set forth on your journey. Take my little friend out for some fun in the sun before Irish Fest and take a picture of you with him on your adventure. You can even write a blurb under your picture with some words from you or the cow!

Then submit your picture along with your name, age, phone number, email, and address to me at before August 26. We will have three winners. Second and third place will get free tickets to Irish Fest. The first place prize is tickets to Irish Fest PLUS a hotel room at Westin Crown Center for Friday night, August 30. That way the winner can either spend the evening at Irish Fest, go to the hotel, and get some rest or...hang out at the hotel and relax on Friday and go to Irish Fest all day Saturday...OR go both Friday and Saturday and collapse at the hotel in between to get some rest before more fun is had...because the fun never stops at Kansas City Irish Fest.

Sorry adults, this contest is for kids only!!!!

Fun stuff!  Get on it kids! Think of a name and take that flat cow out on the town. Click on the picture below to get a cow big enough to print. Good luck!

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