Thursday, August 15, 2013


This song popped up on the aul iPod coming into work this morning and it reminded me of the great Damien Dempsey shows we saw last time he was at Irish Fest and reminded me how excited we all are to have Damo back here in just two short weeks. What a singer. What a song writer.  Sharp eyed viewers will also notice KCIF alum and our good pal Eamonn DeBarra on the flute in this clip.

Don't miss Damo's shows or some day–many years from now, please God–you'll be lying there on your deathbed and when the priest asks you if you have any regrets you'll say "I wish I'd have gone to see Damien Dempsey at the 2013 Kansas City Irish Fest when he was playing at 5:00 on Saturday on the Boulevard Stage or 4:00 Sunday also on the Boulevard Stage instead of whatever the hell it was I did instead."

You're pretty chatty for somebody on their deathbed, I'll give you that.

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Anonymous said...

This is Damo's first 2 shows of his small US tour. It will be great!