Friday, August 09, 2013

After Hours at Kelly's

Irish Fest opens three weeks from today. Three weeks and seven hours from now as I type. And then Irish Fest closes for the night six hours after that at 11:00. And again at 11:00 on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Now, I know you. And I know that after a night at Irish Fest you are not ready to go back to the hotel room at 11:00. You're just getting your second wind. You're good until 2:00, 3:00, easy. So go to Kelly's.

Irish Fest is pleased as punch to welcome Kelly's Westport Inn back as our official, one and only after hours party spot. From close to 3:00 Kelly's will keep the craic mighty when our party shifts to their historic building. Best of all, Kelly's free shuttles will get you there and back to Crown Center right up until 3:00 AM.

Kelly's is a Kansas City institution of course, the Kelly family serving Cowtown at the corner of Westport and Penn since 1947 in a building that outfitted westward bound cover wagons nearly 100 years before that. But Kelly's also has a big Irish Fest connection, co-owner Kyle Kelly being one of our esteemed founders. In fact, the Kansas City Irish Fest was born in Kyle's kitchen.

So when we shut off our taps at 11:00, follow me to the corner of Pershing and Grand, over by that big orange sculpture thingie outside The Westin. We'll catch that free shuttle and roar on.

And hey, you never know who might wander into Kelly's...

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