Monday, July 22, 2013 The Snug

One of the great things about being me* is that I can pretty much hang out anywhere I want at Irish Fest. One of my favorite places that I get to hang out is in the Fest Founders Lounge in a secret room in a blimp circling Irish Fest where we have streaming video from all the stages at the same time, live music from bands that aren't on stage just then, endless complimentary drinks and snacks served by actual leprechauns and free pony rides. You can't get in there. You can however get into my other favorite place to hang out at Irish Fest: The Snug.

The Snug is Irish Fest's VIP private club and it's amazing. Private bar, complimentary food–and I'm talking meals, not snacks, potties with no waiting, couches, chandeliers made of beer bottles (not kidding), great views of the Boulevard Stage, occasional visits from Fest performers, free swag like t-shirts and posters, shade and true VIP treatment by Carol, Jenny and all the Snug Staff.

So you ask, do you have to be like a mayor or a movie star or have a leaked sex tape or something to get in to this swanky club? Good question! No! All you have to do is buy a membership! And when you add up cost vs. amenities this is the best deal on the grounds. A Friday membership is just $75.00. Saturday or Sunday is just $100.00or do the whole weekend for $250. Here's the thing though. You better hurry. The Snug, being exclusive sells only a limited number of memberships and they sell out. It would behoove you to hop like a bunny over to this place here and buy your way into Fest paradise right now.

Get Snuggified this year! You'll never go back to the old way of going to Irish Fest. I'll see you know, when I'm not riding a pony around in the blimp drinking leprechaun gin and tonics.

* The other great things about being me: 1. Still have my appendix, also tonsils. 2. Know how to ride a bike really good. 3. One time got to shake hands with Hank Aaron.

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