Thursday, July 18, 2013

Home Stretch

I'm back from my mountain sojourn. And way to pick up the blog slack there, board members. Really, one post? From the what, 9 of you? Good effort.

Anyway here we are, you and me and a scant 43 days until Irish Fest opens its 11th edition. And you know what we're going to talk about, don't you? That's right: volunteers.

I know it's a drum we constantly beat. I know you get tired of hearing it. I get tired of saying it. But the truth is we need you. Desperately. We need you like a bee needs a flower, like a fish needs water or maybe tartar sauce, like a car needs fuzzy dice. We truly cannot put this festival on without you, your friends, your family members. And so annually, I beg and cajole and plead with you to volunteer.

The crazy thing is, I shouldn't need to. We should have to turn away surplus vols. Because this is such a great deal. You give us a 4 hour shift. Doing a fun job. You get in free the day you work. You get a free ticket for another day. You get a cool free t-shirt, free refreshments while you work, new friends, and a great time. And you become a member of the coolest family in town, the Irish Fest family.

Do me a solid, sign up today. In a little while I'll be offering you some helpful tools to get your friends and fam to join you, but you take that first step. Lead by example. Do it now.

Thank you.

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