Wednesday, April 03, 2013

For Those Of You Younger Than Me

...which includes about 78% of you probably, but I mean those of you a LOT younger. Like children-younger. If you are yourself a child-type person or if you know one of those odd creatures, you need to know about our great sister blog at

The KC Irish Fest Kids Blog exposes me as the slacker I am. While I sometimes will go a few days in the dead of winter without a peep posted, the kids blog to my knowledge has never missed a day. If I tried to keep up that pace I be reduced to posting the ingredient list from a box of Lucky Charms, but the Kids Blog is always interesting, often informative, always fun.

Tell your kids to check it out. And to join the Irish Fest Kids Club, too.

For those of you wanting to join the Irish Fest Adults Club, our next meeting will be at the usual place and time: the pub, whenever.

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