Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mea Culpa

Okay, yes, I still owe you two band announcements. You'll get them. Soon. We're just having a little technical difficulty with them at the moment. It's complicated. And yes, it's been 4 whole days since St. Patrick's Day and I haven't posted anything until now. I'm only human. A guy's gotta rest some time. That was a big weekend after all.

Anyway, to catch you up, we finished second in "Organizations" in the parade. Which sucks. Second to The Harp and Shamrock Club though, and if you have to finish second I guess you might as well lose to people who buy hearing aids for deaf children. It's not like we lost to those pretend Confederate soldiers with the "I'd Rather Be Shooting Yankees" bumper sticker on their truck, which I am not making up. Although to be fair, I guess the Confederacy finished second, too.

This is funny. You know who finished third in our division? Some group called "I Am Second." To which I say "No, You're Not."

So we didn't win and we froze our arses off. But our float looked great, our marchers looked great, our dancers were lovely, our music was loud and we had a ball. So thank you to the all of you crazy people who braved the cold and snow and drizzle to come out to watch. Thank you to all our float builders, most especially Matthew O'Callaghan, Dan O'Boyle, Pat Delaney and Barney Walsh who put in the lion's share of time on the thing. Thanks to Shawn at SECT for the loan of the sound system. Thanks to O'Neill Event Management for hosting the after party.

And now, with just 162 days–the average gestation period for a rhesus monkey–to go, we resume building you an Irish Fest.

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martha said...

Any photos of the float, Dan?