Thursday, March 07, 2013

Band Announcement 3/7

Kicking off our Ten Days Of Tunes is a band so good, it's skerry.

No, I didn't spell that wrong. Joining us at KCIF 11.0, all the way from lsle of Tiree is Skerryvore.

This is the band that The Falkirk Herald in Scotland called "a living, breathing, l2 legged party waiting to happen.” The band that Mick MacNeil of Simple Minds called “...the most promising young band in Scotland today." The band that we guarantee will have you dancing in the aisles and rushing for the CD tent. But as Martin Mull once said, writing about music is like dancing about architecture. So I'll quit writing, you start dancing.

Here are Martin, Alec, Craig, Fraser, Daniel and Coco: Skerryvore*, making their first Kansas CIty Irish Fest appearance in just 176 days.
 *In case you were wondering about the name, as I was: "Skerryvore (from the Gaelic An Sgeir Mhòr meaning "The Great Skerry") is a remote reef that lies off the west coast of Scotland, 12 miles (19 kilometres) south west of the island of Tiree. Skerryvore is also the name given to the lighthouse on the skerry, built with some difficulty between 1838 and 1844 by Alan Stevenson."

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Cami Travis-Groves said...

They're going to be WILDLY popular at this year's fest! Like a mix of The Elders, a little Enter the Haggis, and a touch of Red Hot Chilli Pipers .