Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Korrespondence From Keli, 2

It becomes increasingly difficult to remain friends with KCIF ED Keli Wenzel. Her most recent report from Dublin:

"Guess who I got to hang out with last night? Glen Hansard! Mundy invited me to join him and a few close friends for a small session in a pub on the outside of town. As some of you who know me, you know this would be a very big deal for me. It will be a highlight for sure. I am starting a "rock star" photo album. 

 Had interview with The Irish Times this morning and a meeting with Minister (for Transport, Tourism and Sport ) Leo Varadkar.  I have added a meeting with the head of Traditional Arts. And am doing a live interview with George Hook radio show at 4:45 (drive time). 

 Off to meet the Taoiseach...I hope!! " 

Yeah, well, I had a really tasty sandwich for lunch yesterday. So there.

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