Friday, January 18, 2013

Bigwig Powwow

Tomorrow, for a large chunk of the first part of the day, all the members of the Kansas City Irish Fest board of directors and former directors who now serve on the festival advisory board will gather for our annual retreat. This is where we deal with the big important aspects of your festival and get a free lunch. Earthshaking, critical decisions are made at these things. Remember where those toilets were at Irish Fest last year? We decided that. You know who picked all those great bands that were on stage? Well, that wasn't us. It was the entertainment committee. But they had to tell us about it, you know, later. Other things we do, it's technical. I don't expect you to understand. Suffice to say, important things. Top secret things that I got in a lot of trouble for talking about a few years ago.

Probably the most important thing is that we have these retreats in the mornings so everybody stays sober. If we had them in the evenings we'd probably have things at Irish Fest like "St. Patrick's Live Venomous Snake Round Up" and "Olde Tyme Bare Knuckle Boxing Night" in the whiskey tent.

Anyway, if you have a burning issue you'd like addressed by this brain trust, you let me know and you have my word that we'll all sit around and laugh at you while we eat our free lunch. Irish Fest cares.

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