Monday, October 15, 2012


I wasn't able to make it up to the Weston Irish Fest this past weekend because after my recent birthday, I'm now way too old to have any fun. By the way, thank you to Barney Walsh of the Irish Fest board for highjacking the blog long enough to post the birthday wish. And thanks too to Lola the howler monkey, seen sitting on my shoulder.

But Weston. I assume that Saturday was drowned. Did you go? Anybody care to make a report? See any bands you'd like to see back at KCIF? How were the Screaming Orphans? Time for a KC encore?

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Boone said...

Danny...Dano. I went up to Weston on Sunday. Screaming Orphans were great and they want to come back to the KC Irish Fest. I spoke to them after their act and they are 100% on board with coming back.

Two other bands are worth a look see. Barleyjuice really sounded good and got the crowd fired up. The Langer's Ball approached me and asked if I would intro them to the folks that make decisions about entertainment. The CD sound very good!