Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Like Pants And Suspenders

Beer and Irish music.

Those two things go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like waffles and syrup. Like bacon and eggs. Like bacon and some other bacon. Some tasty, tasty bacon...

But I digress. What I started to tell you was that at Browne's Irish Market and Deli this weekend you can have beer and Irish music, together, just as Jesus intended. It's Browne's Sláinte Brew Fest! Pay a mere $20 cover at the door (only $15 in advance) and you'll get a souvenir guaranteed leak-proof glass which can be filled and refilled with fresh beer all evening. Why, that's only pennies a beer! And we're not talking Meister Brau here, mister. Quality beers from Sam Adams, Boulevard, Weston Brewing Company, and more will be available. Plus Guinness brats, corned beef, Italian sausage, and other non-beer comestibles to soak it all up.

And the music part? Eddie Delahunt will be on hand as well as a bunch of them bagpipers doing what they do.  And if you're not a beer drinker (shudder) you can keep the cover charge and just listen to Eddie at the 10th anniversary re-release party for his classic "Weather The Storm" CD.

It's all happening 2:00-7:00PM on Saturday and the whole shebang is a benefit for The Kansas City St. Patrick's Day Parade. Eddie goes on at 3:00. Browne's is at 33rd and Penn on the north end of the great Westport metropolis, where it's been since Moses was a pup. Call them at 816-561-0030 if you wanna, see if I care.

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