Monday, September 10, 2012

I Am Still Alive

Here's how dumb I am.

The Friday that Irish Fest opened, I closed on a new house. The Monday after Irish Fest closed I had to start moving. So imagine this: Irish Fest weekend, with all the hard work, long hours, hard partying and little sleep. And then starting Monday morning, moving, a pick-up load at a time with very little help because it's bad enough to ask your friends to give up a weekend to help you move, but there's no way I'm asking people to take time off work to help me move. And add to that the fact that since the oak floors in the new house were being sanded and refinished at the same time, so everything could only be moved into very selected areas of the house. Meaning we're moved in, but not moved in yet because the floors aren't dry yet.

So my blogging has been nonexistent. I apologize. It's not because I don't love you and it's not because we didn't have a great weekend at the Fest. Because in spite of the weather and as a testament to your willingness to party on in spite of rain, heat and everything in between, we had a great, successful fest. Here's one representative number for you: you emptied 10 more kegs (over 500 total) in 2012 than we did in 2011. How the hell does that happen with the Friday night we had? Because you people are feckin crazy, that's how. And we had record years in the Snug, recycling and hotel rooms booked. Rain, schmain. Kansas City rocks on.

So again, sorry for my scarcity. Keep the comments and suggestions coming in to and help us improve as we plan 2013. The good news, since we only schedule torrential rain every ten years, next fest will feature perfect weather.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're still alive.

No, you're not dumb, just stretched reeeeeeaally thin. But you'll bounce back.

Anonymous said...

How dumb are you? = rhetorical Scarcity? = Thank You

Sheri said...

Easy! We went through 10 more kegs because of the wonderful addition of the CIDER! Those of us who don't drink beer or wine haven't been able to contribute to that total in the past, but at least SOME of us made up for it this year! :)

Anonymous said...

In the program, it says 540 kegs of beer were tapped last year. So this year was 550? Wow!

Anonymous said...

We miss you, Mr. Regan! Come back!