Monday, August 06, 2012

Grants Open

Hey, want some money?

The Kansas City Irish Fest is now accepting applications for 2013 cash grants. What will we give you a grant for? Well, let's say you had this idea that you wanted to jet over to Ireland to go to Padraic O’Maille's shop in Galway to get a new Aran sweater and maybe a plate of oysters after and you thought, "hey, an Irish Fest grant would go a long way toward paying for that!" Or maybe you thought "an Irish Fest grant would sure help me pay the sculptor I hired to create the life-sized carved butter statue of William Butler Yeats that I want in my living room."

Well, we won't give you a grant for either of those. We're generous, but we're not stupid. However, if you have a qualifying Irish dream, whether you're an individual or a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, we can help. We award thousands and thousands of dollars every year to people just like you. But you have to ask.

Grant applications are being accepted until September 30th and grants must be used in the 2013 calendar year. All the details and links are found right here.

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