Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chicken Boxer Out Today

Irish Fest headliners Gaelic Storm release their latest and greatest disc today. It's called "Chicken Boxer."

The record is great and being a GS release I'm sure it will sell well. But "well" isn't enough for band frontman Patrick "New Daddy" Murphy. Gaelic Storm fans know that Murphy sometimes gets a burr under his saddle about certain people. Russell Crowe and Jimmy Buffett come to mind. In Murphy's  laser-like sights now: wee songster Justin Bieber.

Patrick wants Justin to feel the full force of the Gaelic Storm. He wants to crush the Biebs on the iTunes charts. He humbly asks for our help. And really...doesn't Bieber deserve a little crushing?

Go get the new disc now. You'll get some great new songs to learn before the Gaelic Storm shows at Irish Fest and maybe, just maybe, make Justin Beiber cry like a little bieber.

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