Friday, July 06, 2012


I hope you all had a safe and pleasant 4th of July and didn't blow yourselves up.

I was at a party where there were some fireworks. I should say I was at a party before there were some fireworks. Because once people started lighting fuses and things started blowing things up, my 2 and almost a half year old daughter Wee Kathleen® started screaming her head off and climbed me like a monkey on a palm tree. A howler monkey. She screamed as we walked home, pretty much until we got to the front door.

Poor baby. Fireworks are scary.

You know what else is scary? Irish Fest opens in just 56 days and some of you haven't booked your hotel room yet. 858 rooms were booked as of a week ago. The rooms at the Irish Fest rate ($112 at the Westin, $107 at the Sheraton) will sell out. So what are you waiting for, man? Light the fuse! Book that room.

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Joe Sullivan said...

You have last years rates. This year it is 120 @ Westin and 115 @ Sheraton (Old Hyatt). Unless the website it wrong, I like your rates better!