Friday, June 22, 2012

Your Kids Are Smarter Than You

I work hard here at Tir na Blog, trying to keep you kids entertained, informed and intrigued enough to keep coming back. I post most week days, unlike my buddy Joe King up in Milwaukee who I guess has decided that he can just take it easy and eat cheese and watch the Royals beat the Brewers instead of blogging about that great Irish festival.

But I'm shamed and humbled by the output of the author of the Kansas City Irish Fest Kids Blog. Seriously, even if you're not a kid you should check this blog out daily. There's always something new and interesting whether it's Irish history, news from the kids area at the fest, movie reviews, quotes by Irish and Irish American luminaries or just fun facts. And it's all written by last year's Irish Fest cow! At least that what it says, and who am I to say different?

Check it out and put it on your daily reading list. You might learn something.

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