Friday, June 15, 2012

Best Day

As if the Bloomsday celebrations at Irish Center and the bige Browne's Irishe Streete Faire weren't enough to keep you busy this weekend, Sunday also happens to be the biggest, most important, most awesomest day of the whole year: Father's Day.

I didn't always think that Father's Day was all that great to be honest with you. Before I had children, I really wasn't impressed. It was just that day in June when I had to walk up to the Safeway and spend some of my hard-earned lawn mowing money to buy the old man a jar of cashew nuts. But since Joe, Tommy and Kate came eyes are opened. Father's Day is like Christmas, only with good weather and you don't have to go to Mass. It's like Halloween, only you're the only kid that gets to go trick or treating. It's like your birthday except you don't get cake, which should really be changed, now that I think of it.

The problem of course for you non-fathers–and how I pity you–is how best to show your love and admiration for old athair. Here's a transcript of an actual conversation I had recently with number one son Joe the other day:

"What do you want for Father's Day?"
"Peace and quiet."
"No, really. What do you want?"
"Clean your room."
"C'mon, really."
 "Be nice to me all day."
(heavy sigh) "What. Do. You. Want. That. I. Can. Buy. And. Put. In. A. Box?"

Here's the answer. Buy dear old dad an Irish Fest Snug membership. He'll love it. He'll spend a day or the whole weekend (depending on how much you love him) basking in the glorious luxury of the festival's private club, with comfy seating, food, private bar and potties, visits from Irish Fest performers, commemorative posters, a deck overlooking both the Boulevard Stage and the lesser mortals, and new this year, a limited edition Snug pint glass to drink out of and then take home. All for a very reasonable price.

Now, true on-line sales of Snug memberships haven't started as of this morning, though I know they will very soon. Not a problem Just so you'll have something to put in a box, print the coupon below, fill it out and give it your Da on Sunday. He'll be thrilled. I know I would be, but since I get to go for free, my kids have to think of something else. And I hate cashews.

Show the auld fella how you feel with a Snug membership. It's the perfect gift. And Happy Father's Day, dads!


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